WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Kansas will not only experience high wind but prime conditions for fire on Wednesday. The KSN Storm Track 3 weather team continues to update the forecast.

Rodney Redinger, Kansas Forest Service assistant fire management officer of operations and training, said he wants people to be diligent and careful for the next 24 to 48 hours.

The Kansas Forest Service has been coordinating with the Kansas Division of Emergency Management to make sure tankers are available.

“We’ve also been coordinating with some of our local task forces and not necessarily moving them around but just making sure that everybody is aware of the weather situation, finding out who would be available should the request come in,” said Redinger.

Redinger said homeowners could also prepare by making sure to clean up leaves around their property and postpone using anything outside that puts off extreme heat.

“Mufflers and exhaust get hot, and with as dry as we’ve been precipitation-wise and as dry as the air is going to be tomorrow, if they can put that off for 24 hours, you know that would be extremely helpful,” said Redinger. “As well as any projects that are going to basically create any sort of a heat source, welding, cutting, anything like that that they can, we’re just kinda asking people just to postpone doing some of that stuff for a day or two until we kinda get through this critical fire weather event.”

He also advises people not to discard their cigarettes out the window.