Winds are much more favorable this week to be warmer and drier across Kansas and the Central High Plains. We have seen great gains when it comes to snowmelt over the weekend, and this will continue for the next several days before our last two winter storms become a distant memory.

If you look at our weather pattern higher up in the atmosphere, the steering winds dictate where our systems are coming from right now. We are in a westerly/northwesterly flow which is drier. Each cold front removes any hints of moisture from our area, making it difficult for any rain nor snow to return to the region.

This flow enables warmer temperatures as the winds move down the Rocky Mountains. When air moves from higher to lower elevations, it warms. Sinking air causes the temperature to rise. This is why we will be in the 50s and 60s this week, above average for this time of year.

This looks to persist this week, but another cooler change makes a return to the region next week with increasing chances for moisture.

— Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman