In a matter of hours, our snow will take a hike as the unsettling weather will slide on by. The cold, however, is not departing just yet.

Arctic air is taking up residency. This heavy air is like molasses. Once it moves in, it is hard to move out. With fresh snow on the ground, this will only aid in the frigid feeling.

Wind Chill Advisories are in effect overnight through Thursday morning. Wind chills approaching -15°F are possible which is dangerous for us to be outside.

When it gets this cold, I cannot stress enough to take care of the 3 “P’s”: your peeps, pets and pipes!

  1. Dress in layers. Protect your hands, neck and head. Use your scarf to protect to filter the cold air.
  2. Watch for frostbite and hypothermia, if exposed to the elements for a long period of time.
  3. Playing in the snow is great and all, but getting wet will only add to your discomfort so stay dry.
  4. Try not to overdo it. We have seen anywhere from 4″ to more than 7″ of snow in parts of Kansas. That is a lot of shoveling!

If you know me, you know I love my pups. They are spoiled rotten and are probably by the fire at home as of this writing (or laying underneath the warm stove). As I always say, if it is too cold for you, same goes for your pets. While they have a fur coat, it is not enough to keep them warm. They, too, can get frostbite and suffer the consequences of being exposed to this Arctic. Please give them a warm place to stay indoors!

In this type of cold, pipes can burst, costing you thousands of dollars. You can buy pipe insulation at your local hardware store which can help with unheated spaces like attics, basements and garages. The temperature alert threshold is 20°F which is where our high temperature hovered for much of today. Now, temps are turning down so you will want to let the faucets drip. Keep the garage door closed and open cabinet doors where piping is placed.

Hopefully you will not face this type of expensive situation as we stay in the deep freeze until the weekend. The snow will keep our temperatures down with a modest warming trend into the weekend.

— Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman