WICHITA, Kan. – The Wichita/Haysville tornado of May 3, 1999, is often overshadowed by the Moore tornado that struck the same day.

The storm was part of devastating two-day outbreak.

The tornado touched down in Sumner County around 7:44 p.m. and hit Haysville.

The path was about 17 miles long beginning near Peck and traveling northeast to just south of Haysville and then went nearly straight north along Seneca to I-235.

From there, the damage weakened significantly as the tornado went northeast to about Linwood Park. Tree damage was also observed as far north as the College Hill area where numerous trees were uprooted but structural damage was minimal.

Six people were killed and damage was caused to 150 homes and 27 businesses.

At the height of the storm, wind was estimated to be 207 to 260 mph.


5/3/99 1218 PM Hazardous Weather Outlook issued stressing the threat of hail, wind and tornadoes.

5/3/99 721 PM Tornado Watch #200 was issued for 35 Kansas Counties including South Central Kansas.

5/3/99 738 PM Tornado Warning issued for Northern Sumner County.

5/3/99 744 PM Trained spotter reports a tornado near Mayfield in Sumner County.

5/3/99 749 PM Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued for Sedgwick County, specifically mentioning the threat of tornadoes as a possibility.

5/3/99 758 PM Trained spotter reports a tornado 2 NW of Wellington.

5/3/99 816 PM Tornado Warning was issued for Southeast Sedgwick and re-issued Northern Sumner County.

5/3/99 830 PM Trained spotters report a tornado near Peck along the Sedgwick/Sumner County line.

5/3/99 843 PM National Weather Service radar shows the tornado entering the southern part of Wichita.

5/3/99 848 PM First reports of significant damage are received around Seneca and MacArthur.

5/3/99 920 PM Tornado Warning expires.