ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — Two of the security cameras at Andover City Hall captured the tornado that hit the town Friday night. On Wednesday, the City released the video from the cameras on the east side of the building and the west side.

The security camera on the east side of City Hall shows just how close the tornado came to hitting the building. You can see the tornado enter the right side of the screen around the five-second mark.

Around 3:40 into the video, the tornado starts picking up more debris and becomes larger and darker.

At about the 4:25 mark, it reaches what appears to be the City Hall parking lot. You can see some trees sucked from the ground before the tornado moves out of the camera’s view.

The west camera shows the start of the tornado. The video is about 11 minutes long. The tornado forms around the 35-second mark and touches the ground around the 1:18 mark.

West camera

Around 7:30 into the video, the tornado becomes darker as it begins to hit more property and throw debris.

There were no deaths from the storm. During an update Wednesday, officials said there were only three tornado-related injuries in Butler and Sedgwick counties. Only one of the injuries was serious.