PLATTE CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Platte City, Missouri, residents spent their Wednesday picking and cutting up tree debris after Tuesday night’s storms knocked down trees and power lines all over town.

Residents say the power went out after a series of thunder and lightning with winds that toppled so many trees that the city’s mayor declared a State of Emergency to help with the cleanup.

No one was hurt, but the splintered wood of Joyce Snyder’s destroyed pergola was sometimes hard to tell apart from the broken tree that took it down.

“It didn’t hit the house, it didn’t hit their house, or their house,” Snyder said, pointing to the homes her neighbors and family members live in. “So, I just felt grateful. This is how it fell.”

A few blocks away, Rich Canning said he hasn’t seen storm damage this bad in his roughly three decades in Platte City.

“I threw the covers back, and I got up, and I could look out and see there was part of a tree limb sticking right down through my house,” Canning said.

“It’s a little weird coming around and seeing a small war zone, for lack of a better term,” said Platte City resident Scott Knoll.