Note: Saturday coverage of tornado damage can be found here

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Emergency crews and first responders continue to sift through the damage caused by a tornado that tore through Andover on Friday evening. Around midnight, officials gave an update through a news conference.

Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell said that 966 buildings were in the storm’s path, and they will not know the exact amount of the damage for a while. In some neighborhoods, some homes were completely blown down.

Russell said there are no active rescues underway. There were some rescues in the beginning, but all are accounted for.

As far as injuries go, Butler County EMS Deputy Chief Scott Stueven said that EMS treated five patients. Two of those were firefighters, and one was transported to a local hospital.

Kevin Lanterman, interim director of Sedgwick County EMS, said they accounted for three injuries. One of those was serious. The other two were non-critical.

Russell said they are finished with the primary assessment of the damage and are moving into the secondary assessments, checking more methodically in the morning.

“All these trucks sitting here are not just parked,” Russell said. “We’re having a planning meeting right now, and we’re getting assignments out so we can immediately get into those second assessments.”

The chief stressed that the public stay away while they work to remove debris, trees and downed power lines.

As of Friday evening, the hardest-hit area was the northeast corner of Harry and Andover Road.

“It came in diagonally from Sedgwick County. It angled into town, and unfortunately took a little bit of a left turn. It went north, so the path kinda cuts across our long narrow town,” Russell said. “It’s everywhere from a 120th and Harry to 60th and Meadowlark and a path right through.”

There has been a shelter for tornado victims set up at the Andover Baptist Church located at 1043 S. Andover Road and at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church at 123 N. Andover Road.

Officials said they would hold another press conference Saturday at 8:15 a.m.

Thirty-one years ago, on Friday, April 26, 1991, an F-5 tornado tore through Andover. Thirteen people died at the Golden Spur Mobile Home Park.