ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — It’s been more than three weeks since an EF-3 tornado touched down in Andover and parts of Sedgwick County, destroying many buildings and homes in it’s path. Since that day, it’s been a team effort as volunteers, crews, and city workers work to clean up the devastation.

Monday marked the last day the City of Andover and Sedgwick County public works employees were in the areas to pick up debris.

For some homeowners in Andover, all that remains is carpet, walls, mattresses, refrigerators, and toilets. Public works employees take what remains to the landfill.

“It’s been a lot of work. I know the residents have had a ton of work on their end. There’s been a lot of volunteers,” said Rick Lanzrath, the director of public works for Andover.

Over on the Sedgwick County side of the damage, Sedgwick County Public Works has had 10 dumpsters in the neighborhoods impacted, and Monday also marks the last day of cleanup.

“I think we’ve got all the tree waste out that arrived again over the weekend. We had some more stuff that got pushed out right away. They’ve been working all day to get that stuff hauled out,” said Jim Weber, the Sedgwick County Public Works Director.

Jim Weber, the Sedgwick County Public Works director, said the volunteer efforts have helped speed up cleanup at a crucial time.

“We’re happy to be getting out of it. We’ve got plenty to do. We are down. Our workforce in the field is at 66% because of the labor problems,” said Weber.

While this cleanup process is ending, the Andover Public Works Director said they will continue to lend a hand to those impacted when they can.

“It gives them some sense that they feel like they can get to a point where they can start and start their recovery phase and start building back their lives,” said Lanzrath.

Lanzrath said if you still have some debris left at your curb by the end of the day, don’t worry. They haven’t forgotten you. They will continue to clean up any debris left out tomorrow.

How can I help?

The United Way of the Plains is still accepting donations.

  • Online:
    • Head to the United Way of the Plains website
  • Cash or Check:
    • Head to the United Way of the Plains at 245 N. Water St and had it to them in person
    • Mail it to the above address with “Disaster Relief Fund” in the memo
  • Via phone:
    • Text “teamwork” to 41444

Corporate donations can be arranged with Anne Chandler, Vice President of Philanthropy. Contact her at or (316) 267-1321 ext. 4213.

The City of Andover reminds those who wish to donate to “Please be mindful of this and make sure you verify before donating. The best way is to donate through the United Way.”