ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — Cleanup is well underway in Andover after a tornado ripped through the town on Friday, but it’s been a race against the rain.

On Wednesday, parts of Andover road were flooded with the rain pouring down throughout the day. Most recovery efforts have been put on hold with rain in the forecast, but some companies have been working fast over the past few days to prepare for the weather and prevent any further damage.

Continued rainfall on Wednesday soaking wood and the homes destroyed by the Andover tornado.

“We’ve had so much people coming out here helping us. I’m a guy, and I’m not supposed to get teary-eyed,” said Dan Willis, whose home was impacted by the tornado.

But for now, with soaked and rainy conditions for the first time in days, some parts of the community are without its usual army of volunteers.

“What we’re trying to do is make sure that since the customer and the community is already dealing with such a tragedy, we want to take the home, as far as the condition of it, or any of their belongings on the inside,” said Deven Phillips, with Shield Roofing.

Phillips is still in the area despite the rain check on the more than 50 homes they repaired and covered with tarps over this weekend for free.

“With the impending rain and incoming kinda weather, you don’t want water penetrating into the house after a loss,” said Phillips.

Willis lost some of his roof to the tornado and even attempted to cover it up himself before asking for help. He said it’s making a big difference in the rain.

“It’s saving everything, I mean, because the night of the storm with then tornado came through, I had a terrible leak in the kitchen. I got a couple of big gouges of just missing roof,” said Willis.

If you are one of many, who want to help, the City of Andover wants you to hold off for a day due in part to the wet conditions. They said volunteer efforts will now continue on Friday.