SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — The Sedgwick County Government has shared tips on how to prepare for tornado season.

“Having an emergency plan and supply kit can help you stay safe and offer peace of mind during a tornado,” the Sedgwick County Government said.

The Sedgwick County Government says to follow these tips to make sure your tornado emergency plan and supply kit are ready:

  • Decide where you’ll take shelter during a tornado. This room should be in your basement or a small, windowless room on the lowest level of your home.
  • Have your family practice getting to shelter quickly.
  • Discuss how to find shelter if you aren’t home.
  • Store a tornado preparedness emergency kit in your shelter location
  • Have a battery-powered weather radio available to monitor local weather and emergency alerts. Your cell phone may not have a signal.

For more tips on tornado safety, visit the American Red Cross’s website.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), mid to late April through mid-June historically has the highest tornado frequency, with the peak occurring around May 22nd-23rd, with over 160 tornadoes occurring over that two-day period since 1950.

“The peak hours are historically between 4-8 p.m.,” the NWS says.

For more historical Kansas tornado statistics from 1950-2009, visit the National Weather Service’s website.