Winter storms are never easy to forecast. The slightest shift in the storm’s track can drastically change how much snow will fall, plus a million other factors to consider. Our recent winter storm dropped a healthy amount of snow in western Kansas. One band, in particular, produced anywhere from a foot of snow to 27″ in the span of our Tuesday.

For months, we have watched the drought get worse and worse. Right now, most of the state is facing some degree of drought. The snow we picked up yesterday is helping us out in many ways. This morning I spoke with KSN’s agriculture specialist, John Jenkinson. He and many of our viewers commented on the lack of wind and how the snow fell straight down. This kept it from blowing all over the place or into a nearby ditch, which will enable this moisture to sink into the ground.

Jenkinson says every bit is beneficial, but it will not be enough to save the wheat crop. It was already in trouble. This recent moisture surplus will help farmers hang on until the next decent system, which will be next week!

We have a small disturbance that skims our area Thursday. That will not amount to much of anything for our viewing area nor benefit the drought. But, a system next Tuesday into Wednesday shows promise! Depending on how quickly the front comes through, it will determine how much rain we get followed by snow. Something to keep an eye on.

This may not be the only system that will keep us on our toes and assist the drought. The first couple weeks of February look to be more fruitful and active when it comes to moisture compared to how most of winter has gone lately.

–Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman