This has not been a winter for snow lovers across Kansas. We have had a few storm systems cross our path, but we are honestly grasping at straws. Keep in mind, each cold front that comes through, removes any moisture like a broom across our region.

I picked three cities to show you how little our snowfall amounts have been so far this season.

This is not surprising considering the La Nina pattern firmly in place.

Here is a look at overall snow and ice accumulation across the country.

We are seeing a reversal in the drought out west in this pattern. This also gives areas farther east a much better chance at rain, sleet and snow. The system that came through over the weekend is definitely causing a stir over the East Coast and through the Deep South.

My sister sent me this photo earlier this morning as the snow started to fall outside of Atlanta.

For the rest of January, I am not seeing a change in this pattern. Storm systems will be fast-moving and have better organization and moisture to our east. One of my biggest concerns when I released my Winter Weather Outlook before Thanksgiving is a deepening drought that is well underway.

–Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman