KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Like many across the Kansas City area early Wednesday morning, Jim West woke up to the sound of sirens blaring.

“I was already in bed. My kids woke me up. We went down to the basement. Sirens went off,” he said.

West, who is pastor at the Colonial Presbyterian Church, did not realize the church was in the path of a line of storms that formed tornadoes in the area.

The powerful winds toppled trees on power lines, flung parts of the fence into a tree, and ripped off some of the church’s roof.

“You don’t realize how bad it is that you’re here, and it’s pretty bad,” he said.

West said the storms were a scary ordeal for the current summer staff living at the church’s campus. He said a window was blown out just one floor above where the staff was.

The church usually has activities going on every day. However, for the time being, events are canceled.

“So without power, it’s pretty hard for us to host services and have our staff here and so on,” he said. “And so we’re praying that Evergy can get us up there on the priority list and get our power back as soon as possible.”

Just across the street from the church, Matt Dantzler is feeling blessed that the tree in his front yard missed his rental home.

He recalls hearing the loud thud when the tree came crashing down.

“It’s a little scary. It’s … I’m glad that it did miss the house, for the most part, it did some minor damage but yeah, just kind of thinking how lucky I was actually,” Dantzler said.

While there’s minor damage to the church, West feels grateful to know there weren’t any injuries from the tornadoes that developed overnight.

“I’m gonna tell you if it had to hit some place, I’m glad it hit our campus,” he said. “And not those houses next door. I’m glad that nobody got hurt. And that tornado actually didn’t hit the ground. If it had come all the way down. Most of this would not be here right now.”