COTTONWOOD FALLS, Kan. (KSNW) — This year’s Symphony in the Flint Hills was cut short on Saturday, June 11, when a storm decided it wanted to join the party.

Just three songs into the Sunset Concert, Symphony in the Flint Hills’ 2022 signature event, the National Weather Service called Julie Hower, the board chair for Symphony in Flint Hills Board of Directors, and told her a storm they had been watching had changed paths and was headed toward Irma’s Pasture.

“About 6:43 [p.m.] I think was the exact time, it changed paths and started heading toward our site,” said Hower. “They alerted us that we were in the path of this storm … and told us that we had about two hours before the leading edge of the storm would get to the site.”

That is when Hower and her team took action.

“We implemented our plan,” Hower said. “We had been instructed by our National Weather Service team that the car was the safest place for people to be, and so we were able to get everyone to their cars before the inclement weather started.”

According to Hower, everyone made it out safely, and no injuries were reported.

The site, however, did receive some damage.

“It was wet, and there was a quite a bit of rain now after the site was evacuated, and the storm moved in several tents were blown down, and so there was some damage to the tents and some things we set up there, but no physical damage to the land,” said Hower.

Although the day’s events were cut short, Hower says, “The concert, of course, is just the grand finale, but I think nature gave us a grand finale that is hard to match.”