ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — Saturday will mark six months since a tornado hit Butler and Sedgwick counties, leaving the most damage in Andover.

The damage was to homes and businesses and City of Andover properties. One of the most-watched videos from that day was from a City Hall surveillance camera.

On Friday, the City gave an update on repairs to City Hall, vehicles, parks, and the park maintenance shop.

  • City Hall’s roof and broken windows: The city council has approved roof repairs, and contracts are in the works. The City says 70% of the broken windows have been replaced, but the other 30% are delayed because of supply chain issues.
  • Park maintenance shop in Central Park: Many storage buildings were destroyed. The City will use insurance money to consolidate the lost buildings into one. Also, roof repairs on the park shop building are finished.
  • Central Park Lodge: The Lodge was the main public gathering building in the park. It has been demolished. The City says it is working with consultants to determine “the direction” of the Lodge.
  • Central Park dog park: Fencing ordered months ago is starting to arrive and should be installed in about a month.
  • City of Andover vehicles: The tornado damaged or destroyed 18 of the City’s vehicles. One was repaired. One is partially repaired and is waiting for additional parts. Ten new trucks have arrived, and another is coming from the factory.

A Long-Term Recovery Committee meets regularly and works to coordinate recovery efforts between the City of Andover and Butler and Sedgwick counties.

So far, $122,146 has been distributed to 29 families in need from partners, including the United Way, Great Plains Disaster Fund and Bob Mills. Anyone who has damage from the April 29 tornado and has not been in contact with a case manager should call 211.

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Volunteers have also been a big part of the recovery effort. Around 30 showed up last Saturday to pick up debris in the Yorktown tree row.

The next volunteer day is Saturday, Nov. 5. Click here to sign up.